Team Sorting is one of the fastest growing Equine Sports in Australia


10 Penned

10 Penned was established to assist with the growth of Team Sorting by holding events where their competitors receive increased prize payouts.

Team Sorting is a family sport and the whole family can get involved.

10 Penned have introduced a Mentor competition this year to cater for inexperienced riders who do not have a lot of riding or cattle experience. Children will also be eligible to ride in the Mentor competition, however children will need to be able to ride unassisted (no lead). If children have experience and are confident riders and have previous sorting experience we ask for them to compete in the open event, as they will be too experienced for the Mentor competition. Please refer to definition and eligibility in Guidelines, Rules and Format.

The Mentor competition is to assist with the transition from other equine disciplines, for Mentees.